How to Clean a Gas Grill

Having a grill, and that too a gas grill, could turn your average family dinners into an outdoor gathering to remember. If you use your grill right, it could serve you for years to come and continue being a source of enjoyment and barbequed deliciousness for you. However, in order to maintain your gas grill in the same quality which you bought it in for you to continue using it and getting the same results, you will have to take regular care of it. Regular care of best gas grills includes cleaning it after every use and also thoroughly cleansing it after every few months or so. This will make sure that your grill does not host any food or gunk buildup which could make the grilling process uneasy for you and cause hazards. Here we will outline a few processes which might aid you in cleaning your gas grill.

A Note on When to Clean

Cleaning your gas grill after every use does not mean that you get overwhelmingly determined and start disassembling the grill to scrub down every part of it. After every grilling session, you need only wipe away remaining grease from the cooking surface and any other outward mess you may have created. An intense, strip-down cleanup of the grill is only necessary after every few months or annually depending on how often you gas grill.

Cleaning Supplies

Before starting the cleanup process, you should assemble your cleaning tools and supplies. Make sure you have everything you need neatly laid out in front of you. The most common gas grill cleaning tools include a toothbrush, a sponge, a coarse cleaning brush, soap and water, gloves, and paper towels.


Before cleaning, take some precautionary steps to ensure that the gas grill is turned off and safe to start getting into. Make sure that all the burners of the grill are off by ensuring that the knobs are towards the direction which indicates that the burners are docile. To ensure extra safety, you may even detach your propane tank from the gas grill or disconnect the natural gas pipeline from the grill.

The Cleaning Process

Start by taking the grates apart from the gas grill and scrubbing them down with your tools. Use a gas grill brush or any other rough brush to release extra gunk and grease from the grates and then sponge them down with soap and water. Thoroughly clean the burners and this includes anything surrounding the burners like lava stones and metal heat tents. Brush through the burner tubes without exerting a lot of pressure and make sure that every hole is open. Brush and scrub at the bottom, sides, and hood of the gas grill. Scrape away at any carbon flakes sticking to the grill and wipe it down with a paper towel. Take out the grease tray and dump anything in it before cleaning it up too (grease trays should be lined with aluminum foil to make dumping/cleaning easier).

Wipe away any remaining debris from every part of the gas grill and then assemble it back together. Make sure that you perform this cleanup process thoroughly and regularly to get the benefit of a well-maintained gas grill.